The donut game at @grandhyattdubai continues to be on point! This duo of delightful morning glories makes it really hard to look at the rest of the equally great breakfast options. Whether it’s the creme pat filled, with dark chocolate ganache and sprinkles in the front, or the strawberry jam filled lurker in the back — you can’t go wrong. Excuse me while I get another black coffee…

A lovely surprise at breakfast this morning — a proper non-chain donut. This baseball-sized gem was stuffed full of a lovely creme patissiere, and the quality was striking since this part of the world isn’t known for its donuttery. There’s a chocolate covered version as well, but you’ll probably see that one here soon enough (since I’m here for a couple of weeks).

I suppose it’s not a stretch to think that donuts are not as big a deal in the Middle East as they are back home. But, thanks to an ex-pat friendly hypermarket, I got my hands on this blinged out “strawberry donut.” The jellied topping looks more like metallic nail polish than not, but at 1.50 AED ($.45 US), I suspect those are not silver flakes.

Cornmeal waffles (with a little more than enough black pepper in the batter), topped with a Popeye’s chicken finger, and drizzled with @darcychildress house recipe honey mustard. I think we just answered the age old question — “what can brown do for you?”

Intern final presentations at the office today; hope my donut game is up to the task Baked vanilla cake donuts, dunked in vanilla bean icing and coated in Oreo chunks, should do the trick.